Swimming Pool

Our attractive outdoor pool is perfect for lazing by. The project will have a kids pool which is suitable for both casual and serious swimmers.

Our swimming pool will also have shallow ends for smaller children.

Club House

The Vistara’s philosophy of self-sustenance flows into your social life as well. The magnificent 3-storied club house, making it one of the finest club houses in any residential community in Hyderabad.

Manicured Gardens

Specially manicured landscaped gardens scaling over 75% of the total project area with overlooking greenery all around. An ambience providing you with a perfect setting for your living, away from the concrete jungle.

Secret Garden

Enjoy your own privacy at the lush green garden brought together by a silhouette of blue sky and inspire yourself to live a meaningful life.

The secret garden will provide you your own space where you can feel refreshed in this outdoor Garden-styled heaven. The garden would also have herbal plant samples and miniature model of Gautama Buddha.


When the sun is shining it’s great to get outside and make the very most of it. As sheltered seating structures, Pergolas will be placed in the garden to give you a relaxing spot where you can read, or simply sit and have casual conversations with your dear ones.

Jogging Track

A Jogging track around the project which promise to make a fitness enthusiast even out of the perennially lazy as we brought together the finest jogging track facilities around the beautiful living spaces to bring a cutting-edge fitness lifestyle.

Children's Play Area

Give your kids the fantastic adventure playground within the campus. They’ll enjoy a fantastic range of play equipment including the gambado which will make their childhood special for them.

Tennis Court

At Vistara, we believe that playing a sport should be an integral part of everyday living. That's why, our Apartments don't just offer premium amenities, but they also come with tennis courts, Badminton courts and squash courts as well.

Indoor Badminton Court

Now you and your family don't just enjoy the many privileges of the high life, but also the many benefits of a sporting life. Here, sports and fitness finally get their due.

Squash Court

A Squash Court is available for the use by residents and their guests.

Indoor Games Room

Indoor Games Room: To keep your mind fresh and active during all seasons, the club house will have an indoor game room which will be equipped with all modern indoor games facilities like carom, chess, Billiards etc.

To keep your mind fresh and active during all seasons, the club house will have an indoor game room which will be equipped with all modern indoor games facilities like carom, chess, Billiards etc.


The spa at Vistara will offer a warm and welcoming space, a place to open oneself and to give a gentle nurturing to our searching soul with ancient ayurvedic healing experience.


The Fitness Centre offers a wide range of cardiovascular equipment and an extensive variety of weight-training machines, and dumbbells. Hit the gym and get the body you have been dreaming about!

Yoga Deck

Specially designed outdoor spaces for yoga will purify the minds and will give you increased awareness about spiritual goal and eternal peace.

Multipurpose hall

The multipurpose hall is the center for a packed programme of activities. The multipurpose hall will provide space to hold cocktail evenings, summer barbecues, live music and dancing or any kind of parties. Big life events can be celebrated in this hall to create memory for your lifetime.


The Vistara’s philosophy of self-sustenance flows into your social life as well. The magnificent 2-storeyed club house, making it one of the finest club houses in any residential community in Hyderabad. Amenities ranging from plush cafeterias and elaborate banqueting facilities to a large swimming pool and specialised services like spa, as well as a separate Kids’ Club and Reading Room make it the complete unwinding zone.

Shopping Center

A shopping center with all necessary services within a stone throw away distance will make shopping a joyful experience.

Conference Hall

Vishnu Vistara’s private and fully equipped meeting facilities and Conference room offer high class stylish business environments which cater to all your business needs. Meet your partners or hold your business gatherings in the comfort of the conference room inside Vishnu Vistara.

Fire safety

100% compliance with fire guidelines and extremely well equipped firefighting installations on each and every floor help/ensure your family safety round the clock.


Hi-tech security system like CCTV video cameras, security cabins with monitors and intercom systems would help to keep a constant vigil in and around the project to address growing concerns to the current happening around the city.

Save electricity

Advanced insulation technology has been used to save expensive electricity to lower the amount of energy consumed by air conditioners. Light colors on outside walls during summers reflect solar rays and limit the intensity of heat. Most of the apartments have two open sides which provide cross-ventilation throughout the home. The rooms have adequately sized windows to provide a sense of freedom and decrease the dependency on air conditioning.

Solar Lightings

At Vishnu Vistara we choose to shift your common area lighting loads, such as staircase, parking and security, to solar power. Not only are these loads consistently switched on for long hours, reduction in the electricity bills associated with them would benefit all the residents and not any single one.

High Speed Elevators

High-speed elevators and extensive fire-safety measures make your haven complete. In every way, the homes at Vishnu Vistara give you the benefit of exclusivity and thoughtfulness.

Vaastu compliant homes

Owning a house is a once in a lifetime experience for most of us. So perfection in every sense is what we all expect. Today, Vastu is in vogue. In addition to all the fancy amenities, our flats are also 100% Vastu compliant.

Water Harvesting and the Green Revolution

We have pledged our support for the Green revolution and hence adopted the rain water harvesting system and at the same time have made adequate arrangements to ensure constant water supply to your apartment. May we still urge you to conserve water and use it sparingly forever.

100% Power Backup

Sometimes One second without power can cost us a lot. As part of a complete power continuity plan, Vishnu Vistara would have 100% power backup.

Centralized Water Tank

Access to safe water is one of the most efficient ways to support individual and collective development. We improve access to water & promote its responsible use. We have taken an integrated approach of the distribution of water to the entire project.

Water Treatment Plant

Setting up State-of-the-art waste water treatment plant to recycle  waste water and use it for non-potable purpose.

Parking Area

A two level parking welcomes you home & provides ample space for easy entry and exit.

Living Rooms

Living rooms: When you enter in a house the living room is the first room you visit. Living room furniture should be ergonomic and shouldn’t fill the whole space, but when you have a big space you can decorate and add furniture as you need. With big living space we encourage you to spend more time with your family.

Grand Entrance Lobby

Offering a luxurious experience rivalling any five-star boutique hotel. Indulge in world-class luxury draped with aesthetic designs at the Entrance Lobby of each tower.

Sky Living & Balcony View

Each tower rises magnificently, towering towards the exclusive 'sky life'. The façade has an expert finish and the designer touch weaves its magic through the interiors. The judicious use of glass facades lends a stylish elegance while offering breath - taking views of the entire landscape. Every home is appointed with a host of conveniences and ensures that your privacy is respected.

Fixtures & Fitings

A combination of modern fixtures, finishes and a pleasing colour palette lend the homes at Vishnu Vstara a comfortable touch, while keeping the convenience intact!

Indulgences that give you more to live for

What is life really without a few indulgences? At Vishnu Vistara , we understand your need to be pampered. Which is why, here you have access to a plush clubhouse loaded with all the imaginable modern lifestyle amenities. A whole host of other modern luxuries right at your door step, prepare to be elevated to a heightened sense of living.

Project Highlights

  • 3 Acres of land
  • Ground + 14 Floors
  • Prime location
  • Vaastu compliant
  • Extensive landscaping
  • Two-level parking
  • No common walls;
         Grand entrance lobby
  • Children play area
         Centralized piped gas
  • Two Blocks Exclusive
  • Spacious planning
          Premium quality construction
  • 24-hr Security with CCTV &
          Broadband connectivity